25 September 2009

Sri Brahmam

Many pilgrims and visitors who come to Tiruvannamalai have the wish to meet saints, sages or sadhakas more advanced than themselves who they hope will resolve doubts and inspire them on their spiritual journey. In this respect I am including below an extract entitled ‘Spiritual Journey’, giving a short biography of Sri Brahmam (V.V. Brahmam) which appears on his website:

Spiritual Journey

"Sri Brahmam was born in 1944. Since childhood he always questioned the purpose of life, knowing that everybody will eventually die. When he was about six years old, the mantra "Om Nama Sivaya" arose naturally in him and kept repeating inside spontaneously at all times.

At the age of 25 he saw a photograph of Ramana Maharishi at a friend's house. He was strongly attracted and immediately travelled to Tiruvannamalai to the Ramana Ashram at the foot of the Arunachala Hill. So far he hadn't read any books about spirituality and hadn't met any spiritual teacher or guru. He was a very pure young man - he hadn't been influenced by duality of the world, since the mantra was always repeating inside.

Once he arrived at the Meditation Hall of the Ramana Ashram, he sat in front of Ramana Maharishi's photo. In his heart he fully surrendered to Ramana and gave up all his desires. A strong force pulled him inwards, his breath and thoughts stopped and silence and peace filled him completely. After he got up, thoughts gradually came back, but inside there was no attachment to them.

This state was new to the young school teacher. He went to Sauris Ma, whom many people regarded as an enlightened being and was told that his Self-Realization was completed. His life was transformed. Within the following period of his life the remaining tendencies, desires and attachments were destroyed by the grace of the Self for ever. Only the Self remains.”

Sri Brahmam is readily available to meet with sadhakas and pilgrims to Arunachala and even though he has an Ashram in Tadpatri, spends many months of the year at Arunachala. For contact information please check out his website:

In an interview with Premananda, Sri Brahmam was asked the following question on ‘Mental Structures’:

“What about vasanas, the tendencies of themind? Must these be removed before Self-realisation can become permanent? Is it enough to achieve a sattwic (peaceful) state of mind and to know one’s vasanas so that they no longer bind? How to remove the vasanas?”

To watch a video of his answer to this question please click on the
following link.


Emil said...

Sri Brahmam will be giving satsang in Tiruvannamalai for about one week starting January 23rd 2010.

Anonymous said...

Can we have information about time and place?

Emil said...

The satsangs are usually at the house of Swami Ramana Das, at the end of 1st Road, Ramana Nagar, daily at 9:30 AM.
The location may shift to some bigger place if many visitors show up.
Updated information will be posted at www.brahmam.net in the News section.