8 March 2010

Extensive Sand Quarrying

And so it starts:

To fuel the housing and development boom throughout Tiruvannamalai District, areas such as the lake bed of Samudram Erie are being extensively quarried for sand. Recently a test court case was brought attempting to restrain the Public Works Department (PWD) from using machineries like Poclains and JCBs in connection with quarrying sand in the Palar riverbed in Kancheepuram and Tiruvannamalai Districts.

Unfortunately lobbyists for the construction trade have won the day and an interim stay order from the Court will now allow extensive sand quarrying in Tiruvannamalai District aided by the use of heavy quarrying equipment and vehicles.

It seems like this would be a good time for conservationists to start prioritising their agenda and instead of spending so much time and energy in the reforestation of the slopes of Arunachala Hill and surrounding area, concentrate on trying to protect what already exists from further debasement.

Ironically, in the long term those interested in making money in Tiruvannamalai would find it much more lucrative concentrating on creating ecological and tourist friendly zones, like bird and animal sanctuaries, rather than use the area as a limitless building resource.

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