31 August 2011

A Beautiful Morning

It was beautiful, bright and toasty during our early morning walk and Arunachala was shimmering in an early morning haze.

My doggie scamps and I (there are three more doggies out of this photograph) take our daily walk early enough to avoid the goats, cows and wood cutters who arrive later in the morning.

Sweet little Winnie (who is now one week shy of 4 months of age) has become a confident and eager explorer. She has already learnt to swim and is fearless when hurling herself into any remaining ponds or water bodies at the Samudram.

The mornings are the happiest time of the day for hairy Victor who loves going on walks particularly to enjoy the cool waters of ponds not yet heated by the day's sun.

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Anonymous said...

I want to be there with you and your doggies. It looks lovely.