17 August 2011

Sri Nannagaru August Visit

Sri Nannagaru recently left his Arunachala Ashram, after a stay of more than 10 days.

A large number of devotees followed Swami from Andhra Pradesh, to enjoy early morning darshan and afternoon discourses held in the meditation room of Sri Nannagaru Ashram at Tiruvannamalai.

Sri Nannagaru, who was born in 1934 has been visiting Tiruvannamalai regularly since 1957. Even though he never had the physical darshan of Ramana Maharshi, he has taken the Maharshi as his Guru, and reflects that any spiritual attainments he may have achieved are as a direct result of the grace of Arunachala-Sri Ramana.

Sri Nannagaru’s states that his mission in life is twofold; to spread the fame of Arunachala and to disseminate the spiritual teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In response to the question asked of Sri Ramana, “Is it possible for a sadhaka to realise without a Guru?” the Maharshi replied, “Once a connection has been established between Guru and devotee, a devotee can realise even after the death of the Guru. But only an exceptional mind can realise without previously having experienced the connection of a living Master.”

As well as realising without having the connection of a living Mater, Sri Nannagaru realised whilst continuing his duty as an agriculturist, husband and father. There was no question of him deserting his family and duty, going on extended pilgrims, or secluding himself for intense sadhana. In this way his life is a remarkable and inspirational example to those tied down with duties and responsibilities that one doesn’t have to retire to Himalayan caves, to connect with the Self.

There is a Brahmin Lady called Nartaki (who I will mention again in upcoming posts) who lived at Arunachala for most of her life. As a young school girl of 14 years and dressed in school uniform, she took darshan of the sage Ramana Maharshi the day before his Samadhi. She herself died recently after a long life of prayer and service. And in that life, she met many Saints and Holy People including such luminaries as; Sri Nannagaru, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Lakshmana Swamy and others.

Of Sri Nannagaru, who she first met when he was 24 years old (before his realisation) she said to me, “I’ve always believed that the essential character of a person remains the same after realisation. And, of Sri Nannagaru, I noticed two things when he was a young man. Firstly, that he was very kind and secondly, that he had a wonderful sense of humour. Both those qualities are very evident in the person he has become.”

Sri Nannagaru:

“He is an intelligent, wise person who inquires into the heart for the truth. We get energy only from peace. You should not lose your peace as a result of small and trivial things. We should protect our tranquility and solve all problems. We should increase the span of time of a “life of love” . . . you don’t get the truth in books. You have to search in the heart. When you throw something into a blazing fire, you need not burn it, the fire itself will do that job. Similarly, your job is only to merge your mind in the heart.”


ArunachalaHeart said...

I was there in this trip during the last part whence one day Sri Nannagaru asked me ' What piligrimage centres have you visited so far in your life?'

After telling him about a few I said ' All piligrimage centres, holy rivers, temples and kshethras are in your feet alone!'

To this he smiled :))

Janet (U.K.) said...

I heard that Sri Nannagaru is coming again to Tiruvannamali in October - any truth to this?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Best if you regularly check direct with Sri Nannagaru Website at: http://www.srinannagaru.com

and click 'schedule' to check out his programme. So far its not there, but expect it will show soonish.

Anonymous said...

Sri Nannagaru is a jnani, a true guru and one of the very few that one can experience nowadays at Arunachala.