23 September 2011

Happy Birthday Guruji

Today, September 23rd, is the birthday of my Guruji, Sri Nannagaru. I had a programme to go into Ramana Nagar to confirm a Deepam room reservation at a local lodge, Arunachala Ramana Home. Thereafter I planned to visit my Guruji’s Ashram to take prasad and bow outside the room of my spiritual teacher (who is currently in his native place at Andhra Pradesh).

Sri Nannagaru in Previous Darshan

However following the old adage that, 'Man proposes and God Disposes', after finishing the work on the room reservation I went up on the roof of the Lodge with a friend to have tea in the open air restaurant. Below are photographs taken from the roof of this now fully developed area of Ramana Nagar, with views of the multi faith dialogue facility of Quo Vadis, rooftops of adjacent buildings, a multitude of phone towers evidencing the technological development of the area, BUT most importantly enjoying from the rooftop the glorious darshan of Arunachala.

It was mid-day, the skies azure blue, and the Hill shimmered in the light of a clear hot sun. Quite lovely.

Arunachala Mid-day, Friday September 23

With Arunachala as inspiration, I proceeded to celebrate the birthday of my Guruji by telling my overseas friend some stories and teachings of Sri Nannagaru. In a word, a perfect day. Thanks and Happy Birthday Swamiji

Road from Lodge leading to Chengam Road

Adjacent Outlying Buildings From Lodge Rooftop

Quo Vadis Facility

The Ubiquitous Telephone Towers

Sri Nannagaru was once asked in an interview what it was he saw when he looked deeply into the eyes of those sitting in front of him.

Sri Nannagaru replied that, “I am seeing myself in those people. I am seeing myself in those people, and then Grace will work.”

In the same interview he then proceeded to give advice on skilful living, recommending that it was essential for us to use to the maximum the individual gifts God had given us; whether that gift was that of a good intellect, a facility for writing or oratory etc., -- in our endeavour to realise the Self.

Swamiji also advised that for spiritual advancement it is essential to think only positive thoughts and associate only with good, positive thinking people as such relationships help to promote self-confidence (confidence in the Self) which is an essential component to Self Realisation.


Anonymous said...

The area has changed so much in the last 10 years. But nice to see that there is still lots of greenery.

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend the Arunachala Ramana Home or the Quo Vadis facility for a month's stay around Deepam? What are their rates?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

If you have an interest in interfaith dialogue, would suggest that a Lodge would be most appropriate. Arunachala Ramana Home is clean with nice staff -- but its gong to be very busy for Deepam -- from 3rd December to 10th December. Most places are charging substantially more for Deepam.

The manager of Ramana Home is very flexible and have no doubt you could negotiate a special month rate -- but the Deepam period will be very tricky. I just made a reservation for a dear friend -- didn't want to wait till the last moment.

Use the 'contact me' facility on the front page, and include your email address, if you want more specific information.