22 September 2012

Ganesha Going For Immersion

Was in town yesterday on errands, and while there was fortunate to be able to see some very nice Ganesha statues and floats on their way to various tanks and tirthams for immersion. The most popular spot for Ganesha immersion is at the Tamari Nagar tank. To read an earlier posting on Arunachala Grace about the Ganesha Festival and immersion, go to this link here

Ganesha on a Bullock Cart near Thiruvoodal Street

Big Temple Gopurams in the background

The lads seem to be having a grand time

Very stately looking Vinayakas
 Vinayaka waiting to be picked up and taken for his immersion

Vinayaka at Ramana Nagar giving darshan to passer-bys

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