25 September 2012

Maha Deepam Calendar 2012-2022

This year, as is well know, Mahadeepam will take place on Tuesday November 27, 2012. But for those wanting to keep a record for upcoming dates of Mahadeepam at Arunachala, below is a list of the Mahadeepam dates for the next 10 years.

Lighting of the Mahadeepam, 2011

Arunachala Maha Deepam 2013-2022

17th November 2013 (Sunday)
5th December 2014 (Friday)
25th November 2015 (Wednesday)
12th December 2016 (Monday)
2nd December 2017 (Saturday)
23rd November 2018 (Friday)
10th December 2019 (Tuesday)
29th November 2020 (Sunday)
19th November 2021 (Friday)
6th December 2022 (Tuesday)

The days preceding the lighting on the Mahadeepam are also well visited by pilgrims. The schedule of the Deepam Festival Calendar generally follows the same format each year, to view last year's programme, with photographs of each day go visit my website at this link here

Lights of Arunachaleswarar Temple 2011

As soon as the schedule for the 2012 programme is released by the Arunachalaleswarar Temple, I will post it on this site.

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