24 November 2012

Deepam 2012 Sixth Night Silver Ratham

As its starts getting closer to November 27, 2012, the day of Mahadeepam, processions around the perimeter of Arunachaleswarar Temple are beginning to become more elaborate. On the evening of the sixth night of this year's Deepam Festival, it was the evening of the Silver Ratham. 

Even though there was a sprinkling of rain on the sixth evening, there was a surging crowd both in the Temple and on the concourse outside the Raja Gopuram. 

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Arathi to the Gods

Carried on palanquin perimeter of Siva Sannidhi

Darshan in concourse outside Temple Raja Gopuram

Large crowds lining the streets

Gods on Silver Ratham on Thiruvoodal Street

Gods on procession Car Street

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Sankar Ganesh said...

Astonishing amount of info, photos and links on Arunachala and related. May take a life time to go through all these. Thanks.