11 January 2013

ARS -- January 2013

Today I visited the ARS (Annamalai Reforestation Society) Model Farm located at Samudram Village. The ARS was established over twenty years ago in 1989 and at the beginning the Society focussed primarily on the gardens of Arunachaleswarar Temple. 

Several years later in 1992 an Austrian lady, Marie-Louise Baravelle donated a substantial amount of money to the ARS, which allowed them to purchase 8 acres of agricultural land at Samudram Village, located at the back of the Samudram Eri. 

The ARS (Annamalai Reforestation Society) is the earliest society at Tiruvannamalai established specifically with the primary mandate of reforestation of the Arunachala Hill and surrounds. 

As well as reforestation, the organisation also grows young saplings for sale to the general public and has several properties that they rent to long staying Tiruvannamalai residents. As well as accepting donations towards the upkeep and development of the ARS, this Society also takes a proactive position in raising funds for their work. In this respect over the years they have allowed their beautiful grounds to be the venue for various ecological courses such as permaculture and also as a venue for groups who wish to facilitate various spiritual and cultural courses. 

Within the upcoming month, I will be posting an in-depth history and report of the work of the ARS on my website, Arunachala Samudra. But in the meantime will be making a few posting on Arunachala Grace, showing the beautiful land and facilities of the ARS. 

Annamalai Reforestation Society

To view more photographs click on below link.
Please enter their beautiful grounds
The driveway leading up to various organisational buildings
A very happy Ganesha presiding over the Farm
ARS Manager, Mani
Fascinating map of the ARS Model Farm
Farm may be charmingly rustic but also incorporates state-of-the art technology

A very deep agricultural well with sweet water

Several Buildings reserved for functions and rentals

The business area of the Model Farm

Extensive irrigation system pumping water to all the trees

Some fields dedicated to vegetables, rice and cattle fodder

One of the very healthy nine bullock residents of ARS

Open walled area for young seedlings

Public are welcome to visit and also purchase plants and saplings

Some nice young trees and bushes

No pesticides or chemicals are used at the ARS
Arunachala from the ARS Model Farm

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