22 January 2013

Meeting with Mooku Podi Swami

Vishesh a reader of Arunachala Grace recently sent me an email about his meeting and experience with Mooku Podi Swami here at Arunachala. I am posting the narrative in full below. The accompanying photographs were taken by myself some time ago while Swami was residing near Pavarthi Hill. 

“As you requested, I wanted to give my experience with Mooku Podi Swami. As I mentioned earlier, I live in the US and visited India on Vacation for three weeks. I got initiated into several Meditation techniques by Vethathiri Maharishi and then started to follow Sri Nithyananda Swami. There is a huge temple in the city where I live in the US. I did see some blog postings by you on Nithyananda Swami. I along with my wife, 10 year old son and my Father-in-law came to Tiruvannamalai on the evening of 5th January to be part of Nithyananda Swami's Birthday celebrations. I drove our car from Trichy and stayed in a hotel just outside of Arunachala temple. Because of worst traffic, I decided to take an auto rather than driving the car. That is when everything started. 

The auto driver who took us to Nithyananda Swami's ashram on our route started to talk about Mooku Podi Swami (MPS) and suggested us to attempt to see him once before we leave. Initially that thought did not get into me strongly. He mentioned that MPS stays in hotel called Arpana which is where we planned to go for Dinner on the 5th. He himself asked Arpana hotel's watchman about MPS whereabouts. The watchman replied that MPS no more stays in that hotel and moved to a place near the Srinivasan school on the Girivalam path. 

We had the dinner and then left to the hotel. I requested the auto driver to pick up again the next day to visit Nithyananda Swami's ashram. The next day on our way to the Ashram he stopped the auto at a place before to the Ashram and pointed out a old man and then said he is MPS. We just got out of the auto and stood on the other side of the road and paid our respects. I did not get any sort of opinions on MPS and prayed for his blessings. He had a look at our family and we felt really good about it. We had to leave to the Ashram as we had a Pada Puja scheduled with Nithyananda Swami. 

After we had our time at the Ashram we came back to see him and could not find him. Then we went to Ramana Asramam and Visiri Samiyar Ashram and spend the whole day. The next day (7th January) we were planning to return back to Trichy and I started to have a very strong urge to meet MPS once more before I leave. So we checked out of our hotel and headed out on the Girivalam path by 7.30 am. To our surprise, MPS was sitting on the same spot (it was a Police booth). We parked the car on the road, left our sandals in the car and got out of the car and sat on a bench which was around 30 foot away from him. It would have been around 20 minutes we just sat and got his darshan. He started to walk around and then came and stood near our car. I turned to him in the sitting position and we were looking at him for blessings. I was praying inside to get me initiated into Atma Vidya (Ramana Maharishi's “Who Am I” self introspection). Other than that, I did not have any other feelings. 

After seeing MPS standing near our car, the people around that place started to scream asking to open the car door as MPS wanted to sit inside. I immediately rushed and opened the door and requested him to sit in our car. He hesitated and did not sit. There was one small boy around (15 years old) and urged us to remove all the sandals out of the car. I removed everyone of them and then MPS came around and sat in the passenger side. I took my son and then sat in the car. He did not talk anything to me and used sign languages and gave me directions. I finally ended up in a hotel called Udupi. 

He went inside and showed sign language to me to make the chair available for him to sit. I did it and then me and my son wanted to sit on the floor near his foot. He urged us to sit on the chair in the nearby table. After he had some Dosa and coffee and he left and we again headed out of the hotel. I wanted to go around girivalam (anticlockwise-as you had mentioned in one of your posting) and came to the same spot where we started. He wanted to stop and then he got down. The same small boy asked me to do namaskarams and touch his feet. I did and when I tried to touch his foot, he nodded his head and signalled me as not to touch. I obeyed his instructions and said good-bye. He gracefully nodded and gave me his send off. Then there were people around who came got his blessings. 

Parvarthi Hill, off Girivalam Roadway

My wife after getting his blessings wanted to donate some money for Anna Dhaan at the Ragavendra Ashram. It was just across the road. After visiting Ragavendra Ashram, I had the feeling again to take a photo of him so that I can have in my Puja area for worship. We returned back to see him and he was not there. When I asked the people around that place they asked us to check at the Srinivasan school. 

Girivalam Roadway where Swami stays

We went there and found him sitting at the hallway. I walked up to him and asked him if I can take a photo. He nodded his head stood up and walked out of the school straight to our car. So we had him seated again and this time all of our family sat inside. He again signalled me to go anticlockwise. I started to drive. We went two full rounds this time and Swami by then started to take a nap. During the middle of the third round, the police had put some barricade and blocked the road. Then he signalled to take a diversion and then we ended up to go clockwise again. When the car came near the school, he signalled to stop and got down. I once again asked if I could take a snap and he nodded no again. That was the end. He walked straight inside the school and I did my namaskarams again and headed out. 

He was uttering two words again and again for 5 to 6 times: They were "ஆபிசு....ஆபீஸ்"” 


venkateshspices said...

Really amazing to know about mps, i would like to meet him during this fullmoon day

Anonymous said...

I am sampath kumar from Coimbatore, South India. I used to meet Sami whenever I go to Tiruvanamalai. He is great enlightened soul and his blessings will definetely induces lot of progress in Spirituality to a greater extent. For futher details about Sami pl contact my Sudhakar, who is in process of compling a book about Sami. His mobile no 98422 13145

Anonymous said...

I request everyone to read the book on Mookku podi swamigal. We donot meet saints we only pray and have their darshan if they wish!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear Anonymous:

Do you have any information on the point on Swami? Would appreciate details about publishers, name of book and author. Thanks.

jeyapriyaa senthur said...

The name of the buk on MPS IS ' arunai vazh podi sittarin arpudangal' by s.a.vennila... It's a beautiful buk, must fr evry MPS devotees...
Thr is also a mukku podi sittarin madam(ashram) opposite to vayu lingam on the giriwalam path... U can get the buks frm thr too..

T.R.K.SUNDARAM said...

On 17th jan.''14 while I was doing givalam by auto,driver stopped near a school, told me have mps darshan as HE was walking on the road. I went near by HE shouted.Ireturned back.I was told that I was blessed with HIS look.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

That does happen quite often with him. Seshadri Swamigal was also very famous for shouting at people and throwing objects at them. However his reputation was such that if he threw anything, the devotee would immediately pick up the object, convinced that it would help with whatever trouble was in their life.

Mookku Podi Swamigal is becoming more and more famous in this area. So you were fortunate to have his unhindered darshan.


we should only feel him through fully on true love and trust on him .The lord how saved my life, his action and his personality will teach a lesson for our soul and us.By seeing an outer and physical appearance of him don't think that he is a normal human thats also one of the lesson for our trust on him that how much we trust in that appearance on him.

Anonymous said...

On 07.09.2014, by 06.45 Hrs, I started my Girivalam. I was wondering whether it is publicity stunt by some beggar. Then suddenly that person stood up and rushed to beat a person (he was holding a baby on his shoulder and seeking his blessings). Everyone run off. It walked back to the temple wielding the stick vigorously.
Another person standing nearby said it is his kind punishment to ward of past evil doings. I could not laugh because of the humbleness shown by the people. Though run away, people started to follow It wherever It goes. After two minutes, It retuned back to the pillar and sat down.
Now acted upon my sixth sense, I prayed to God and Ramana – If that is really a saint or siddhar, then I could possible communicate in spirit or telepathy. So I crossed the road, and from about 40 feet distance (to avoid any beating) watched Its side posture. Till this time, I did not see Its face. I kept my heart calm and didn’t think of anything. I didn’t offer any prayer to that. In fact I wanted as this my spiritual test and thought that if It is an enlightened person, It would give me a dharshan.
After 2-4 minutes, It slowly turned and gave a sign (hand sign shooing away). I suspected whether it is for me or I have to go away. So I continued to stand there itself. Suddenly, It stood up again and moved away from me to the temple side. Abruptly It stopped and turned back. It saw people around in a half circular movement of its head (180 degree). Then It directly looked at me. Though there were people (on sideways), that look was directed to me. I could not believe myself. The distance was now about 50-60 feet, I was on Its direct vision line and no one stood in between. May be somebody was standing behind me and probably It could have watched him – was my thought.
Slowly, It lifted its right hand and kept above his eyes as if seeing or identifying someone in distance standing in sunlight.
Now I could experience that all the people were looking at me. It is a direct Dharshan. But foolishly, I was inactive. I could not bow my head or pranam as I tried to keep my mind silent. Then It moved towards me. Suddenly I feared that I have to move to avoid any beating. My eyes were moved with him. It halted five feet away from my left side and turned Its head and looked at me. It gave hand sign of waving or go away. Then It walked further without turning back. A woman with a son followed It.
The person earlier answered me came and said that It blessed you. I asked for meaning of the hand sign. He replied that It indicates that there is no problem in your life and not that telling you to go away.
Moved by Heart, I also followed It for about half a Kilometre. I wanted to offer my pranam and wanted to touch Its Feet. But It went straight into a school without turning back. Standing opposite to the school gate, I watched him till It moved away from my sight.
But by recording this, I could compensate in a way so that someone may notice it or write it – in the way people now remembers Shridi Sai.

J.ILANGO Jayaraman said...

For the benefit of devotees, I wish to record the following events.
I am happy that I had the dharshan and blessings of a Siddhar. But I also worried about the way he leads his life. While the so called saints and pseudo enlightened people are moving in luxury car and have all comforts, a real saint (you should watch his thejas - glowing face and powerful eyes in youtube released by one Shri Megaraj). May be penance requires no comfort.
Now I grieve that I should have behaved well in front of MPS. But by recording this, I could compensate in a way so that someone may notice it or write it – in the way people now remembers Shridi Sai.

J.ILANGO Jayaraman said...

I am happy that I had the dharshan and blessings of a Siddhar. But I also worried about the way he leads his life. While the so called saints and pseudo enlightened people are moving in luxury car and have all comforts, a real saint (you should watch his thejas - glowing face and powerful eyes in youtube released by one Shri Megaraj). May be penance requires no comfort.

Anonymous said...

hi this is jithin from chennai ....if u have any stress in my pls go to thiruvanamalai and pray to god,see some ashrams like seshadri ashram,ramana ashram.stay there u will get peace .thanks jithin kumar.s

Itinerant Yogi said...

This is a fascinating post. Thanks for sharing. I hope that one day I can see him and have his Darshan. Is it possible that we can give him our pranaams during the upcoming deepam time, or does he like to just wander about spontaneously, even during festival times? I hope you don't mind if I share this picture of him on our little G+ group.It would be nice if you could join our little group too. Thanks : )

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Currently Mookku Podi Swamigal spends much of the day at the Navagraha Shrine on the Girivalam Roadway (near Hanuman Temple). Most people just stand and watch him and wait to see how he reacts . . . as many are nervous of approaching as he sometimes shouts and waves his bamboo stick.

I have been taking his darshan for over 10 years and its interesting to see how more and more people are beginning to visit him.

Yes please use the photos on this post.

Itinerant Yogi said...

Hi Meenakshi. There is also a facebook page on him which I found. But its in Tamil so I can't really understand what it says. Here is the link.


Personally I think its kind of weird to have a FB on him, because he is so simple and humble. But it would be valuable for us to get an idea about him nonetheless.

I will try visit him at the spot you mention when I am there next month. Although I expect that he might move elsewhere and desire some anonymity and peace during the massive deepam rush.

Actually meeting such Souls makes me nervous. There is a swami living at the Panch Mukhi Darshan spot. When I was last there, I gave pranaams to him during my girivalam. He looked at my face really deeply and then touched my arm, and gave me some advice in Tamil which I couldn't understand! I was quite nervous and freaked out although I knew he meant no harm! It was a case of fools rush in where angels fear to tread I guess! You have to approach these saints in a special way, which I clearly have not figured out yet!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks for the link of the Facebook page. Nice photos and videos. A book has been written about MPS which so far I've been unable to obtain. But definitely will get it soon and then look forward to to getting information about his earlier life and what brought him to Arunachala.

Do try and get to see him when you next come . . . its very beneficial to take darshan of such a soul.

Arunachala Ramanan said...

what do the two words he said mean in english?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Two different words are used, which mean the same thing -- in English the two words both mean, Office, Office.

Itinerant Yogi said...

Hi Meenakshi. Check out this blogpost I found on MPS here that U thought you might be interested in.


Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting information. Recently received a short biographical book on Swami written by a close devotee -- will check if any of the information is repeated/confirmed.

Tamil Kumar said...

Hi All

If any of you having book in pdf format about our swamigal,please send me to thamiltest@gmail.com

Also im planning to create a website for our swamigal.so that our swamigal will reach many millions of people worldwide.please reply with your thoughts.


Lokesh Biradar said...

Sawmy ji equal to god virabhadra god har har mhadev

Rajesh Nayak said...

His there any one to help me to get dharashana of mps.my number8951852829

Rajesh Nayak said...

Please help me to meet him.

Vaijayanthi KM said...

I just had a darshan of MPS this morning at Seshadri Ashram. He was having his breakfast sitting outside the mess at the ashram entrance and then he wandered off after looking at everyone gathered around.

Anonymous said...

On 24th January 2016, I was standing in the queue for Dharsan of Arunachaleswar, MPS came out from Temple after darshan with his followers. He was so simple I don't know who is he some people told in the line he is MPS.

Anonymous said...

We got the Darshan of MPS in a school corridor.... feeling so blessed. Dint know anything about MPS but once Googled got to know many things about him ....feeling so contended about the darshan.

Anonymous said...

I had a few beautiful meetings with MPS. Quiet and direct. Also communication psychically.