20 June 2013

Murugan Temple

I made an earlier posting on an ancient Murugan Temple located on Chengam Road. There are several other notable Murugan Temples and hillside Shrines dedicated to this God, here at Tiruvannamalai.

The oldest Tamil hymns refer to the Sri Murugan as God of of the Hilly regions, the God of the tribes of hunters—Velan (He who carries a vel or spear), and shrines dedicated to him are often found on rocky hills all around Tamil Nadu. 

Path to Shrine

One such shrine is on the top of a hillock off Perumbakkam Road. The shrine can be accessed in under five minutes by hiking up a small rocky pathway. For the little energy expended darshan from the top of the hillock is superb and a big favourite to those who know the area. 

At top of Pathway

The spear Lord Murugan holds in his hand, is an emblem of power and indicates that He is the ruler of the Universe. His vehicle is the peacock which he rides, thus signifying that He has conquered pride, egoism and vanity. There is a cobra under His feet, which signifies that He is absolutely fearless, immortal and wise. 

Arunachala Darshan from Shrine Hillock

As Lord Murugan is regarded as God of the mountains, so too Lord Vishnu is worshipped as God of the Forests, Lord Indra as God of agricultural land, Lord Varuna as God of costal regions and Lord Kali as God of desert regions. 

Outcrop known as Anjaneya's Rock

Some of Sri Murugan’s other names are: Lord Subramanya, Skanda, Kumaresa, Kartikeya, Shanmukha, Guha and Velayudhan. Lord Subramanya is a ray born of the Divine Consciousness of Lord Siva. Valli and Deivayanai are His two wives who represent the power of action and the power of knowledge. 

Vel in front of Shrine

Lord Murugan is an aspect of the Divine easily accessible in this age of ignorance and lack of faith. He gives material and spiritual prosperity and success to His devotees, if they show even the smallest devotion to Him. 

One view of unspoilt countryside

The six most sacred abodes of Lord Murugan known as (Aarupadai Veedu), situated in Tamil Nadu, are: Tirupparamkunram, Tiruchendur, Thiruvaivanankudi, Swamimalai, Thiruthani, Pazhamudircholai with Marudamalai often considered to be a seventh abode.

The now closed rock quarry off Perumbakkam road

For a fascinating in-depth narrative about Skanda, the elegant war-god son of Shiva Go to this link here

Growing urbanisation of Tiruvannamalai


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
I am regular visiter to Tiruvannamalai in recent times.
In every visit I am devoting some time to visit old & inportent
temples in this holy city.
Please give me the details like how to reach this Murugan temple from
Sri Ramana Ashramam.
I J Venkateshwerlu,

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Coming out of Ramana Ashram turn left and walk for about 1 1/2 km. Go past the Simha Tank on Chengham Road and take the next left leading into Rajiv Gandhi Nagar. Walk down the road passed Sri Nannagaru Ashram and thereafter take the next right. Continue walking towards the hilly formation and you will see a pathway leading up the hill spur. Take the pathway and it will end up at the Murugan Shrine.

Ask any local and they will direct you. If you take an auto from Ramana Ashram they can drive you close to the road on the spur . . .

Probably less than 3 kms from the Ashram.