24 July 2013

Teertham 2013 Aani Bramothsavam Festival

The below photographs were taken at the Ayyankulam Tank in front of the Arunagirinathar Temple a few minutes walk from Arunachaleswarar Temple. The idols are being bathed at the teertham on the tenth and last day of the 2013 Aani Bramothsavam Festival. 

To those unfamiliar with the very beautiful and recently restored Arunagirinathar Temple, I am posting additional photographs of the third oldest Shiva Temple at Arunachala. 

Arunachala Darshan from Arunagirinathar Temple. Raja Gopruam at right

An ancient Temple that has an intricate relationship with Arunachaleswarar Temple and the Hill. It is at this Temple that the last three days of Deepam Festival are celebrated when the Gods are taken on elaborately decorated floats onto the large tank. 

If you take time to walk around the perimeter of the Temple Tank, you will be rewarded with interesting and fascinating sights of a number of obscure but powerful shrines and Temples. The view also of Arunachala is quite sublime from most aspects around the Ayyankulam Tank.

Fascinating, ancient Arunagirinathar Temple

Navagraha Shrine at Arunagirinathar Temple

Arunagirinathar Temple has powerful sanctum sanctorums dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Goddess. It also has my favourite Navagraha Shrine at Tiruvannamalai, which includes a most ornate and beautiful representation of Lord Surya. 

Lord Surya with his Mounts

Powerful and Beautiful Navagraha statues

To read more about this Temple and Tank, go to this link here. And to explore the perimeter of the Ayyankulam Tank, go to this link here

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