10 September 2013

Ganesha Chaturthi at Tiruvannamalai

This week is the very joyous and celebratory Ganesha Festival a favourite of both kids and adults alike. To learn more about this festival go to this link here. Also included in the link is information and photographs of what harm toxic-loaded statues can do to the environment. 

Thankfully over the years many excellent organisations are constantly spreading the message that we need to keep the Ganesha Festival toxic-free by celebrating it in an eco-friendly manner. 

I am made from 100% toxic material. Please become more eco-friendly.

The below information appeared in article about celebrating the Ganesha Festival in an eco-friendly manner in The Times (India) newspaper. To read the full article go to this link here

“Even as the city is gearing up to celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi, environmentalists and green activist are worried about the pollution of water bodies due to the immersion of Ganesha idols. The Pollution Control Board and Coimbatore district administration have already issued instructions to the devotees to ensure minimum water pollution of the waterbodies in and around the city. 

Even though I look more eco-friendly, my paint and glitter is toxic to ALL life

. . . The PCB has also instructed the public to ensure that the idols are made of raw clay and does not have any chemical or toxic dyes. They have also asked the public to opt for medium-sized idols and avoid immersing idols made of Plaster of Paris. 

"We want to make the people aware of the fact that they should try to observe the festival without polluting the waterbodies," said a District environmental engineer for the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB). 

According to environmental experts, organisms in the waterbodies are adversely affected by the zinc oxide, ferric oxide and chromium oxide chemicals found in the dye and paint used on the idols. And sometimes turperntine and kerosene are also mixed as thinners which are deadly to the fish and other organisms.” 

Remember that immersion of toxic statues into our community water bodies (the most popular dunking ground in Tiruvannamalai during this season will be the Tamari Nagar tank in the Housing Board) affects us all and will impair our health and our children's health. Think before purchasing eco-unfriendly statues that eventually will be immersed in a water body. 

I am a 100% toxic and WILL endanger your health

A loving and innocent decision to purchase a pink chemical-laden Ganesha could hurt your child.

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