11 September 2013

Vinayagar Immersion September 11, 2013

The below photographs are of the 2013 September 11, immersion of Vinayagar Statues in the Tamari Nagar community water reservoir.

Procession through town on the way to Tank
Nowadays the use of heavy lifting equipment marks a departure from the more rustic, labour intensive immersions of years previously. 

The Big Guy needs a crane for lift off!

Lets just enjoy these photos, and try harder to have an ecologically sound Festival next year!

Tamari Nagar Water Reservoir with Arunachala in background

To give you an idea of labour intensive Vinayagar Immersions pre-cranes, the below is a photo of the 2008 Immersion also at the Tamari Nagar Housing Board Tank at Tiruvannamalai. Nowadays this size statue would be crane assisted!


Divya said...

Interesting seeing the photos side by side,the old and the new ways of doing things! But alas, they are STILL polluting the water, putting obstacles in the way of health. Here's to a better future - JAI GANESHA!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Its like watching movies from the 1960's in America. When soldiers would be sitting in the desert in Nevada watching an atom bomb being exploded in the distance.

Or like the days when they would spray DDT all through town to keep mosquitoes down.

Giant Ganeshas being immersed might look cute, but Tamari Nagar is one of our major water reservoirs at Tiruvannamalai -- and all that toxic paint and produce is going to do some nasty things to the water table.

Just because we can do something, doesn't make it either a good or a safe idea.

Major metro areas throughout India are waking up to toxic hazards like Ganesha immersions. Tiruvannamalai is just a little behind on "civic consciousness.'