12 November 2013

Chariots on Big Street

The weather is very unseasonal for this time of year -- lots of azure blue skies and hot toasty sun. Walking down Big Street, which is the main arterial road in front of the east side of Arunachaleswarar Temple's Raja Gopuram, its difficult to believe that Mahadeepam is just a few days away.

As always the chariots that will be used for the Maharadham Festival this coming Thursday November 14, are parked on the sides of Big Street. Traffic is less on this thoroughfare nowadays, since the one-way road system in the busy part of town was implemented.

Below are a couple of photographs of the Murugan Chariot, which has had a substantial amount of renovation work implemented this season.

Murugan Chariot parked side of Big Street

Workers inside the chariot completing renovation

There is also a short video I took a couple of days ago of Big Street with the brightly painted chariots in the distance. 

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