22 January 2014

Visit from Russian Group to Tiruvannamalai

This week a group of 18 arrived from Russia to enjoy a 10 day stay at Siva Sannidhi here at Arunachala. Its interesting to note how representatives from so many diverse countries and cultures are nowadays arriving in even larger numbers at Tiruvannamalai. For Arunachala Grace’s Russian readers, you can view the spiritual website of the leader of this group at this link here.

The group arrived from Mahabalipuram and on the 29th of this month will leave for a visit to Auroville.

Coach Arrives at Tiruvannamalai

16 seater with two additional seats in front

Driver cab in front

Using Google Translate, the posting of the group leader’s on her website regarding their spiritual tour of India reads: “Advaita, that is not two - duality. Advaita is a Sanskrit origin, and nowadays used to refer to the One Being, Reality. 

Traveling to India and not only acquainted with the Advaita masters from different countries, touching the teachings of the master left the body, have all contributed to the fact that the experience of non-duality, unity of all things naturally manifested. 

Satori or enlightenment spilled grace in life. The unity of all existence, presence, silence filled with love, understanding and outside the mind - all this is the true nature of every living being. 

This outlook on life, read about the Masters, the experience of enlightenment, materials and written words and sounding from the very essence of life, and therefore endowed with the power and presence.” 

Russian group

Heading towards Siva Sannidhi

Arunachala Grace arranged a local coach to pick up the Russian group at Mahabalipuram for their trip to Tiruvannamalai. It is safer and no more expensive to arrange transportation originating from Tiruvannamalai to pick up visitors at arrival point in India. Several weeks ago a lady on her way to Tiruvannamalai engaged a taxi from Chennai Airport to bring her to Arunachala. The taxi was involved in a serious accident hospitalising both the passenger and driver with injuries. 

Taxi drivers resident in Tiruvannamalai drive to and from Chennai airport and other spots many times a week and know the road and routes very well. The drivers and their families are also familiar to us, so engaging a local taxi from Tiruvannamalai is not the lottery ticket of hiring a taxi from Chennai. Arunachala Grace (email at top left of this page) is always happy to arrange car and/or coach transportation on behalf of visitors and pilgrims to this place. 


Divya said...

Thanks for the info, it is definitely a SMART MOVE to book transport and tours through Arunachala Grace - always better to trust a long-time local-living, English-knowing and street-wise source in these matters!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Frankly Divya, even I wouldn't get into a taxi by myself late at night unless the company and driver were recommended.