6 March 2014

Visit to Animal Shelter

I have written many posts of the wonderful service of the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter. Yesterday Philipe Felix from Holland (participant of the Padma and Torsten Retreat Group currently staying at Sri Nannagaru Ashram), and I visited the Animal Shelter. 

Philipe an animal lover, who has four Jack Russell Dogs at his native place was touched by what he saw at the Shelter. It is a no-kill faciity and currently home to 75 dogs who as they are either injured or tramautised are unable to fend for themselves. The Sanctuary is also temporary home to a floating population of around another 75 dogs who have come for sterlisation procedures or are under temporary residential care for mange and other chronic skin and health problems. 

Below I have embedded a stirring video from the Shelter entitled, “Rebirth of Satya” which charts the transformation of a desperately ill dog into one full of health and vitality and who now lives a joyous life with the Indian family that adopted her. [Warning: graphic images of Satya’s skin condition at beginning of video]. 

Rebirth of Satya 
Transformation of the life of dog at Tiruvannamalai 

Hope to soon post photos of the group’s visit to Arunachaleswarar Temple where they met and fed Rukku the Temple Elephant. Please check back.

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Divya said...

Wonderful story and such a heartening video - thanks for sharing! (Thanks for the warning, I had to close my eyes at the beginning of the video!)