13 May 2014

Burning of Manmatha, May 2014

Yesterday morning (Monday--May 12, 2014) Priests from Arunachaleswarar Temple in procession with Lord Annamalaiyar and the Goddess attended the Ayyankulam Tank (located less than a kilometre from the Big Temple) to immerse the Shiva-Shakti trisulam in the tank. 

Big Temple Priests with Shiva-Sakthi Trisulam

Priests immersing the Trisulam in the Ayyakulam Tank

The Gods Annamalaiyar and the Goddess watching the immersion

Crowd at Big Temple. Manmatha representation back centre of photograph

That evening at the Arunachaleswarar Temple, a large crowd gathered to watch the completion of the various rituals undertaken over the last week, that would lead to the burning of Manmatha 

Large crowd at Temple watching the renactment

Finally at end of re-enactment, the burning of Manmatha

To read the legend about Manmatha (the God of Love) go to this earlier link here.

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