7 August 2014

Sri Nannagaru a previous Arunachala Visit

Words from the Guru 

Bhagavan said, ‘You have intelligence and devotion. It is these that have brought you here. They will reform you and improve you. Your intelligence, devotion and ardent desire will enable you to attain peace. Devotion establishes contact with God. If you have that contact always, all sins will be washed away. Forget about the false ‘I’, devotion to God itself will reveal to you the Truth.’ 

It is enough if you have great devotion to God. Devotion purifies the mind and the purified mind turns inward. When this happens, the mind merges in the Heart. The result is that you experience Truth. It is peace, bliss; it is being. The moment this is realised one becomes free. The key to this is going beyond the mind. It is the mind alone that torments and which has to be conquered. 

Sri Nannagaru

When one has God as the centre of his life he does not feel any sorrow. When there is a liking for something, we do not feel any hardship in doing a job. He who takes the sorrows of daily life in a joyful attitude is the real sadhaka. Only a sadhaka attains the goal or siddhi - siddhi means the knowledge of what already exists. One who is not a sadhaka can never become a siddha. 

The fruits of one’s action are to be given to the society, it is real worship. He that cannot love his neighbor cannot hope to love God.True belief and abidance in the Self is surrender. Surrender is the beauty of the Self. If one loves the God within, one purifies the intellect. If you are devoted to God, God gives you the boon of liberation, as well as mundane success. If one acts with a purified mind, abiding in the Self, the reward is God’s grace. 

The below video was made over three years ago and follows Sri Nannagaru during a car circumambulation of Arunachala. As is his custom he stopped at some Temples and Shrines, including Kubera Lingam, at which place he gave a discourse in Telegu. Later in the video Guruji is seen visiting Ramana Ashram. 

Sri Nannagaru at Arunachala

Sri Nannagaru is scheduled to visit Arunachala between August 22 and September 2, 2014. Approximately 2,000 devotees are expected to follow him from Andhra Pradesh to Tiruvannamalai. As of yet a definite programme has not been announced regarding darshan and discourses. 

Sri Nannanagaru has been in poor health for several years and for this reason did not visit Arunachala for the 2013 Deepam. As the journey from his native place is very strenuous it is not known when Sri Nannagaru will again attempt the trip to Tiruvannamalai. For this reason for those eager to take his darshan, it is advisable to take full advantage of the Guruji's upcoming visit to Arunachala. 

To learn more about the teachings of Sri Nannagaru please visit his Website at this link here and Blog at this link here


Divya said...

Love the small-town auto-rickshaw version of our car trails (behind Sathya Sai Baba)!

Nice video; I hope you are occasionally making videos also, in addition to all the gorgeous and informative photos. Would like to see a video of all your doggies on their walk also!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Well Divya the vehicles following Guruji are not just auto-rickshaws, but also plenty of cars and two wheelers. Always think of a Western movie as the vehicles remind me of a huge wagon train.

The video is very nice, not mine. Haven't made a video for ages . . . shall follow your advice and try and post something of my own soon.

Snobby SydneySider said...

Hi Meenakshi. Does he give discourses in English. Also, how easy is it to stay at his ashram (when he is not there). Am hoping to take my mother to tiruvannamalai and would like to try stay there if we cannot get place at the ramanasram. Thanks. Sweta

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Guruji gives discourses in Telegu however he understands and speaks English. Years back he would sometimes give discourses in English but not at longer.

In off season its easy to stay at Sri Nannagaru Ashram but not possible if he is staying there or if it is in the peak Winter season when there are many groups using the Ashram as venue for their functions.

If you have a definite date for you and Mum let me know and I will check for you.