1 December 2014

Crowd Scenes 2014 Karthigai Deepam, Arunachala

Below are a sequence of crowd shots taken during the early days of the 2014 Karthigai Deepam Festival. 

The first photograph is of the much loved Rukku, the Temple Elephant, who is very much part of many of the celebrations and processions connected with this Festival. 

Rukku on Procession Detail

Ladies carrying Child around the 3rd Prakaram Shrines

The above photograph is of 'karampu thuthi' in which ladies and family members in answer to a vow, carry a child in a holder made of sugar canes and saris, either around the inside or outside perimeter of Arunachaleswarar Temple. This is often the consequence of a would-be parent praying to God for the boon of a child and their pledge to the Divine that they will offer the child (when born) to God and perform Temple circumambulation. 

Sometimes if the family lives a long distance from Arunachala, it might a few years before the vow is honoured and they are able to return to complete their Temple circumambulation. Problem is the longer you wait the bigger and heavier the child becomes! 

Devotees visit Kalyana Mandapam to take darshan of the Gods
Temple compound busy with  pujas, processions and cultural programmes

The next three photographs are of musicians connected with processions and programmes during the 2014 Karthigai Deepam Festival. 

Sadhus and Swamis an essential part of all Festivals at Arunachala

Young Lad offers his own aarti to the Gods

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Janet Rooke said...

Deepam seems to make everyone happy. So many smiling faces in the crowds of people.