10 April 2015

April 1, 2015 -- Pradosham Arunachaleswarar Temple

Below are photographs of Pradosham observed at Arunachaleswarar Temple on Wednesday April 1, 2015. 

In regard to this observance the five Nandis at Arunachaleswarar Temple are: 

Pradosha Nandi, in the Moolastanam 
Ratha Vilaku Nandi in the Second Prakaram 
Kodi Kampathu Nandi in the Third Prakaram 
Chinna Nandi in the fourth prakaram, and 
Periyar Nandi that stands in front of the Vallala Gopuram in the Fifth Prakaram. 

Chinna Nandi, Fourth Prakaram

Kodi Kampathu Nandi, Third Prakaram

Annamalaiyar Alangaram before procession around the Shiva Sannidhi

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