24 November 2015

Cow and Horse Fair: Deepam 2015

The below photographs were taken this morning (Tuesday November 24, 2015). By now the number of cows and horses will have hugely increased as the Tiruvannamalai Deepam Cow (Horse) Fair is one of the most important and famous Cow Festival in Tamil Nadu. 

The Fair is located just passed the Government Arts College on NH 66. It is situated on both sides of the Highway, and on the South Side stretches down to Perumbakkam Road, and on the North Side all the way up to Arunachala. 

On both sides of the Highway there are shops selling accroutements for both Bulls, Cows and Horses. There are also buggies and carts set out for sale. 

Ropes, ornaments, bells and harnesses all for sale

By tomorrow afternoon these stalls will have multiplied expotentially

Snacks, Fruit Stalls, Tiffin Restaurants surround the Fair

For the first time ever, I notice three camels at the fair ready for kid rides

The Bullocks for sale are for work and breeding -- as they are specialist and hugely expensive

Some Superb looking Bullocks

Already Bullock teams attracting attention from potential purchasers

Some serious checking-out! The inspector must be an experienced handler, as such bullocks can be very fierce when handled by an amateur

Traditionally purchases are not finalised until the Deepam is lit on Arunachala (i.e. 6 p.m. November 25)

Within 24 hours, the fields will be covered with Bullocks, Cows, Horses and lots of people

These creatures are massively strong. Remember seeing a tractor stuck in a muddy field having to be towed out by bullocks . . . sometimes the old way really is the best way!


Anonymous said...

Hope you post more photographs of the Cow Festival. One of the best parts of Deepam.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, hope to post lots more snaps of the Cows and Horses.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't rain to heavily during the Cow Festival . . . want those lovely Bulls, Cows, Horses and Camels to be as comfortable as possible.