9 March 2016

Renovations at Arunachaleswarar Temple 2016

Renovations and restorations continue at Arunachaleswarar Temple in preparation for the Mahakumbhabishkem which is scheduled for June, 2016. 

The Vimanas on top of Shrine, and attendant Nandis are all being painted

Progress can be seen at the Temple by the rate the scaffolding is coming down around the Shrines and Gopurams

Lord Ganesha Shrine in the 4th Prakaram

Very handsome Nandi on wall of the Brahma Theertham, 4th Prakaram

On top of the Brahma Lingam (five-faced Lingam) at the 4th Prakaram

Painting of Vimana and statues on top of Brahma Lingam completed

Restoration work on some Gopurams has already been completed and scaffolding removed

View of Brahma Teertham and the Bhairavi Shrine

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