22 April 2016

10th Day Vasantha Urchavam: Theerthavari Ayyankulam Tank

In the morning of the 10th Day of the Vasantha Urchavam Festival, around 10 a.m. Lord Somaskanda and the Goddess go on procession outside the Temple on their way to the Ayyankulam Theertham. 

At this place Theerthavari takes place. Later the Gods return in procession upon their palanquis back to Arunachaleswarar Temple. 

Gods leaving the Big Temple on way to the Ayyankulam Tank

The Gods giving darshan outside the Ayyankulam Tank

Worship conducted in Mandapam at Ayyankulam Tank. Arunachala background.

Priests coming out of Tank after Theerthavari

Safety rails at edge of tank to help prevent mishaps

Puja at side of Ayyankulam Tank

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