10 September 2016

Pictorial Report Ganesh Chaturthi 2016: Making Clay Idols

As well as locally produced statues of Lord Ganesha made from synthetic materials, traditional clay statues of the Lord are made throughout  Tiruvannamalai. 

Devotees bring their own bench from home to carry their personaly created Lord back to their home and Puja Room. 

Craftsman creating clay Ganesha statue

Lord beginning to take form

Completed, traditionally created Lord Ganesha ready to go to Devotee's home

Craftsmen who create handmade statues of the Lord, are becoming scare and being increasing replaced by those who create God statues with moulds.

Large mounds of clay on the streets where the moulders will be working flatout for several days creating a multitude of statues for the homes of devotees

The Mould to be used creating Statues

Devotees will purchase a Lord Ganesha made in this way and take it home to their Puja Room

Preparing the Mould

Pressing the Clay into golden laid moulds

Finishing touches

Beautiful golden covered clay Ganesha


Anonymous said...

I have often seen workers make Ganesha idols with moulds. But I have never seen them make clay idols by hand. The handmade idols look very interesting.

Dev Kumar said...

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