10 September 2016

Pictorial Report Ganesh Chaturthi 2016: Darshan and Puja

Whether home-made or purchased in one of many mandapams throughout Tiruvannamalai, statues for public display are moved to specially created pandals where they are adorned and graced later in the day with a puja. 

Lord Ganesha in specially created Pandal ready for adornment

Huge number of Pandals dedicated to Lord Ganesha throughout town during the 2016 Festival

Statues of Lord Ganesha in different colours and representing various legends

Lord Anjaneya holding Lord Ganesha aloft

Some additionally decorate Lord Ganesha statues with money

Some statues are immensely elaborate

Statues beautifully on display after Lord Ganesha Puja

Statue of revered Lord Ganesha in compound of private home

Lord Ganesha from Arunachaleswarar Temple on procession around town


Susan Quail said...

The first Ganesha is very adorable. Such a sweet face.

siva keshava said...

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