10 September 2016

Pictorial Report Ganesh Chaturthi 2016: Fruits and Flowers

Crowds of shoppers purchasing the necessities for worshipping Lord Ganesha

Beautiful umbrellas to shade the individual statues of Lord Ganesha

Happy times during a happy Festival

Fruit and Vegetable Market off Tiruvoodal Street

Flower and garland shops on Car Street

The below is a photograph of a unique flower used during this festival i.e.,  Calotropis Gigantea, which grows abundantly as a weed throughout this area. This purple flower also known as Milkweed (Arka or Erukku), is plucked from the bush and used to create garlands for Lord Ganesha. 

It is believed that one who worships Ganesha with this flower will be free of all ailments and disease. 

Making garlands for Lord Ganesha statues

Another particular plant used in worship to Lord Ganesha at this special time is Durva Grass. It is believed that one earns the grace of Lord Ganesha by offering this sacred grass during this Festival. 

The fruit is the Wood Apple (left) which is especially loved by Lord Ganesha and used in offerings to Him. 

Wood Apple left, Durva Grass right, Milkweek garlands centre


Anonymous said...

Would be very interested to learn more about the Wood Apple at Tiruvannamalai Meenakshi when you have the time.

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