7 November 2016

2016 Pavala Kundru Temple at Arunachala -- Mahabhishekam

The Pavala Kundru (i.e. Jewel of the Hill) Temple has a fascinating history which starts with the legend of Goddess Parvati and her time on the Hill whilst performing tapas. I have made a number of postings of the famed Pavala Kundru Temple at Arunachala. To read some of its history and view a short video of aarti at the Temple, go to this link here.

Amman Ammani Gopuram, Big Temple. Pavala Kundru on spur right of photograph

Older photograph of Pavala Kundru Temple on Coral Hill, Arunachala spur

To find out more about the invasion of Tiruvannamalai by Tippu Sultan and the role of the Temple during that time, go to this link here.

One of the most unique features of the current Temple is that there is both the Pavalagiriswarar Lingam and a statue of Ardhanariswarar are in the Shrine room. 

Today November 7, 2016 Mahakumbhabhishekam was performed at the Pavala Kundru Temple. Photos below. 

2016 Pavala Kundru Mahakumbhabhishekam 

Arunachala in background

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