13 November 2016

Sani Pradosham Arunachaleswarar Temple: Saturday, 12 November, 2016

The importance of observing Pradosha is described in the Pradosha Mahatmyam from the Shiva Purana. Pradosha indicates the meeting of the Sun and the Moon in a horizontal line during their movement on their Axis. 

The first Pradosham of November, 2013 fell on a Saturday (November 12) and is thus known as Sani Pradosham or Sani Pradosham Vrata. According to Hindu astrology Saturn is known to affect one adversely on occasions when it placed in a certain position in one's horoscope. A prayer to God, especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate one’s hardships. Thus, it is believed that by observing a Vrata (vow) and offering prayers to Lord Shiva on Sani Pradosham, one can escape from the ill effects of Lord Shani (one of the Navagrahas or nine celestial Gods). 

Sani Pradosham is classified into Uthama Sani Pradhosham, Mathima Sani Pradhosham, and Athama Sani Pradhosham. 

Uthama Sani Pradhosha is the Sani Pradhosham that comes during the Tamil month of Chithirai, Vaigasi, Ayppasi and Karthigai during the waxing period. Mathima Sani Pradhosham occurs during the Tamil month of Chithirai, Vaigasi, Ayppasi and Karthigai during waning period. All other Shani Pradhoshams come under the category Athama Shani Pradhosha. 

Aarti at Big Nandi, Arunachaleswarar Temple

Large crowds watching the worship at Big Nandi

Standing in front of the Nandi statue

Abhishekam of Nandi at Flagpost

Bathing Lord Nandi with milk

Aarti at Lord Nandi

The Gods being carried on circumambulation around the Siva Sannidhi

Large crowds of devotees accompanying the Gods on their circumambulation

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