27 July 2017

Pictorial Report 2017 Adi Pooram: Arunachaleswarar Temple--Firewalking

The Adi Pooram Festival was observed on Wednesday July 26th, 2017. 

Below a pictorial report of the major functions during the day.

Procession of the Goddess to Tank. Sulam Teerthavari

Installation and Preparation of Sri Parashakthi at Bangle Mandapam 

Puja of Goddess and Fire-walking Ceremony 

Devotees at Tank prior to Fire-walking Ceremony

Taking purification bath in Theertham before Ceremony

Fire-walking Group going to 3rd Prakaram for Ceremony

Leader of Devotees first to perform the Fire-walking Ceremony

Divine Mother watching the Ceremony

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why they do this. Anthony Robbins in the West has become a millionaire teaching this in the West.