27 August 2017

Pictorial Report Ganesh Chaturthi 2017: Making Moulded Clay Idols

As well as statues of Lord Ganesha made from synthetic materials and hand sculpted one—traditional clay moulded statues of the Lord were available for the 2017 Ganesha Chaturthi Festival. 

Devotees bring their own bench from home to carry their personaly created Lord back to their home and Puja Room. 

Throughout the City, large mounds of clay on the streets waiting to be used in the creation of moulded Lord Ganesha statues

Taking the back mould off the statue

Tidying and cleaning after taking off moulds

The above gent had a large crowd of Ganesha devotees around him throughout the day, eager to purchase one of the moulded statue he made. 

This particular man (who is local and well know) is a successful businessman who loves to serve the Lord. Wonderful smile. He looks so happy playing with the clay.

His son and wife working with him the whole day creating moulded Lord Ganesha statues

The mould fully encompasing the clay

Front mould taken off the statue

Handing statue to his son to complete the work

Taking the back mould off  from the Lord Ganesha statue

Finishing off the back of the Lord Ganesha statue

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