28 August 2017

Pictorial Report Ganesh Chaturthi 2017: Immersion

This afternoon Monday 28 August 2017Ganesh immersion took place at a number of tanks and theerthams at Tiruvannamalai. The photographs below are of immersions at the Tamari Nagar Tank, located at the heart of Tiruvannamalai. 

To reduce a bottleneck of statues waiting for immersion, authorities issued time-stamp tokens to devotees (in charge of individual statues), asking them to present themselves at the tank at an appointed time.

For smaller statues, a group of lads carried the idols down the slopes of the tank. For larger statues, a crane was used to lower statues into the water.

Tamari Nagar, one of the largest tanks at Tiruvannamalai

The Mandapams at opposite sides of the tank have been renovated

Smaller Ganesha carried by hand up the side of the tank bund

By starting immersions in the afternoon, authorities hoped to reduce the late evening bottleneck of previous years

Lads in the tank ready to receive the Ganesh statue

Smaller statue coming up the slopeto the relief of carrying lads

In He goesa number of statues with paraphernalia have already been immersed in the Tank

A beautifully decorated Ganesha coming up the slope

Bullock cart with Ganesha and two different versions of Ardhanisvara

This year a great variety of types of statues

A big Ganesha needs the crane to help him to the top of the slope

And in He goes!

Two smaller Ganeshas in line for immersion

Easy enough to carry this little fellow into the tank

Another giant Ganesh being attached to the crane winch

Up he goes!

Giving a final darshan for the 2017 Arunachala Ganesha Chaturthi Festival

Awaiting the new arrival, many Ganeshas are already in the Tank  

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