27 August 2017

Pictorial Report Ganesh Chaturthi 2017: Hand Sculpted Lord Ganesha Statues

During the 2016 Ganesha Chaturthi Festival, we saw only one artisan creating hand sculpted statues of Lord Ganesha on the streets of Tiruvannamalai. But this year there has been a veritable profusion of able artisans crafting beautiful hand made statues of Lord Ganesha. 

The statues below took between 45 mins to an hour to create. The cost came to about 3 times that of the moulded variety of Lord Ganesha, but were popular and there was no lack of devotees eager to purchase these special statues.

This is my favourite statue. Looks like a child reaching out to its parent. Very sweet!!

I love you Mama! Pick me up, I want a hug.

Notice the mouse in-between the statues legs

This year a profusion of artisans on the streets of Tiruvannamalai

Great to see so many young artisans doing this work

Lovely detail on some of the statues

Many villagers from outlying areas have come to Tiruvannamalai for the 2017 Ganesha Chaturthi Festival preparations

Finishing off a statue

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