3 September 2017

We Need to Start Making Decisions

We are used to heavy deluges as Tiruvannamalai lies within a monsoon area . . . which means we get about 95% of our annual rain in 6 weeks. However things have deteriorated in the last 10 years, as man's greed impels him to build without regard to tried and tested methods of harnessing flood waters. 

Hundreds of years ago people of this place devised brilliant systems of catchment areas, canals, and massive holding tanks which would hold and conserve much of the monsoon rains and then evenly distribute those waters throughout the area over the hot summer months. Unfortunately many of those massive water holding tanks are not being properly maintained, canals are being blocked/diverted and water catchment area are undergoing industrial level sand quarrying in the dry season . . . all of which results in uncontrolled flooding during the monsoon. 

A recent Court Judgement regarding the widening of the Girivalam Roadway dealt with some of the ecological problems that financial interests are creating in this area. 

The below photographs were taken in the dry season and are of the once beautiful pristine Samudra Eri (around 650 acres) which is the largest water catchment area adjacent to Arunachala. 

To read more fully about the desecration of Holy Arunachala  in this Kali Age, go to my earlier posting at this link here

The once pristine Samudram Eri undergoing industrial level sand quarrying

Decisions need to be made about the man-made problems we are creating in the area

The whole 650 acres is pock-marked by sand-quarrying of up to 40 feet in depth

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