30 November 2017

2017 Arunachala Karthigai Festival: Day 8. Day—Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse

The morning of the 8th day of the 10 Day Karthigai Deepam Festival belongs to Lord Chandrasekhara on horse vahana accompanied by Vinayaka on rat vahana.

After giving darshan in front of the Alankaram Mandapam Lord Chandrasekhara visits the Maharadham (His wooden chariot vahana of the previous day). During His visit puja is performed in the front of the Maharadham by Brahmin Priests. After completion, paste is taken from the puja residue, and a priest thereupon climbs onto the horse vahana platform and applies it to the forehead of Lord Chandrasekhara. After which a transfer of Darba Grass is made from the Maharadham to Lord Chandrasekhara on horse vahana.
Significance of this ritual is that power accumulated in the vast Maharadham the previous day is transferred back to its originator—Lord Chandrasekhara.

Lord Chandrasekhara and Lord Vinayaka stop at Yagasala Mandapam for adornment and aarti

Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse Vahana

Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse Vahana in front of Maharadham

Interaction between Lord Chandrasekhara and the Maharadham

Lord Chandrasekhara leaves the Maharadham and continues on procession of the mada veedhis (perimeter streets around Arunachaleswarar Temple)

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