2 December 2017

2017 Arunachala Karthigai Festival. Day Ten—Early Morning: Bharani Deepam

As these five flames loom up with red-yellow light, the famous South Indian festival of Karthigai Deepam officially begins. A single flame is then taken from the pots and kept burning in the Temple throughout the day as a symbol of the merging of manifestation back into God, the one source of all. This single flame is referred to as the Bharani Deepam.


"There is immense significance in this ceremony called Bharani Deepam. At this time, the Universal Lord manifests as the five elements, which will later fully merge to become one when the Krittika Deepam flame is lit in the evening. From one to many and many to one. This is the whole essence of Saivism and the meaning of Krittika Deepam."

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