4 February 2014

Animal Sanctuary at Arunachala

I visited the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter today to check up on the two baby squirrels I wrote about in a recent posting at this link here. The progress of the squirrels is uneven, they both have their eyes open but one of the babies is plumper and healthier than the other.

In the above photograph Doctor Raja (in the plaid shirt) and Raja a long term and much valued attendant at the Shelter are feeding the little squirrels with a dampened wad of tissue soaked in milk. I asked Dr. Raju why they didn’t use a dropper or syringe (without needle). He informed me that when using such implements there is a real danger the wee creature will aspirate by taking in the liquid too quickly.

Arunachala Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter which permanently houses a number of seriously injured animals. As well as a sanctuary for injured or sick animals, it also performs neutering operations on dogs and cats. 

Now that road surfaces have been improved all around Tiruvannamalai, drivers are keeping their foot on the accelerator and even around the girivalam roadway, auto rickshaw and car drivers are driving at flat at speeds. This is not safe for you as a passenger and particularly dangerous for the many animals living near the girivalam and other roadways around Tiruvannamalai. 

Below is a very sad photograph of a 10 year old monkey who was run over by a car and is now paralysed. The shelter is his Hospice as he is not expected to live much longer. The monkey is not in pain and is receiving loving attention and very good food including lots of tasty fruits (the seeds in his cage are the remains of recently eaten watermelon). 

If you are in a autorickshaw and the driver is speeding, please tell them to SLOW DOWN. Make sure the driver pays attention and does what is requested . . . thank you . . . you may have prevented yet another monkey or dog being paralysed or killed. 

As of June 1, 2013 the statistics at the Shelter are as follows:- 

Rescues Estimated 1,504 
Dogs Sterlized 5,101 
Anti-Rabies Injections 8,341 
Clinic Visits 20,063 
In Patients Treated 59,685 
Non Dogs Treated 1,756 
Dog Adoptions 614 

Julie, her story is in below link

To read about some of the animal rescues performed by the Shelter visit the section on their website entitled Great Dog Stories at this link here

If you would like to participate in the work and service of Arunachala Animal Sanctuary please visit their donation page at this link here.


Snobby SydneySider said...

Those photos of the baby squirrels are darling. Please let me know how to get to the shelter in relation to the ramanashram. would like to visit it next time I am there. Thnx!

Snobby SydneySider said...

I remember reading also that panthers and cheetahs used to inhabit tiruvannamalai, and some cubs would even sit on the Maharishi's lap. sadly, I think they've all disappeared now as they basically have no habitat left.

Divya said...

The Animal Shelter is doing wonderful work, thanks for sharing! Also, that pic of the closeup of the baby squirrel is amazing!