8 May 2007

Fix that auto!

A few days ago I posted an entry about a brand new state-of-the-art Rs.180,000/- (U.S.$4,500) autorickshaw. Well, the man in the below photograph is working on his old, beaten up and weathered auto and is probably even happier with his lot; at least he didn't have to take out a bank loan to finance the purchase!

So, I was walking home on my way back from my appointment at the dental clinic at Rangammal Hospital and was enchanted by the sight of this friendly mechanic working on his auto with Arunachala in the background and his adoring puppy at his feet.

But will that adoring pooch leave his master alone for long enough for him to do his work? Well pooch didn't give Dad a chance during the time I was chatting. But after all its a long day!

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