22 June 2007

Hail to Thee! Part 4

Hail to Thee! O'Arunachala

[Cont'd from June 14, 2007]

Verses 1-9 inc
Verses 10-20 inc
Verses 21-31 inc

32. O' Beloved of the Unsuckled One!
I beseech Ye! Hear me, Your son
Cast Your snare, hunt and trap Your prey
Feed on this mind in Your own Mystic way

33. Boldly in his father's lap does the prince play
Even so have I spoken with liberty today
O' Eye of my eyes, see my heart and take no offense
Enfold me in Thee and sweet liberation do dispense

34. Grant these ears, this tongue Thy glorious Name
The mysterious sound that pervades my frame
Grant my taste, my touch Thy Lotus Feet
The sweet softness that makes my heartbeat

35. Grant my thoughts, my desires Thy steady Gaze
The clarity of vision that guides through the maze
Grant my speech, my hands Thy Healing spell
The sacred power that does delirium dispel

36. But if this plea, Thou does not hear
For my want of strength or purpose clear
Still hast Thou granted me a way to Thee
A path simple and clear to where Thou Be

37. This Leash on my neck tethered to Thy Hill
Is all I need to bring me to Thy Will
Thus going round and round and round as I graze
Thy Name in my heart and Thy Hill in my gaze

38. Tightening the Leash with every turn
Shortening my range until I burn
Naked and innocent in Thy glorious blaze
At Thy Feet and Hill under Thy watchful Gaze

39. When I and Thou shall be no more
And all is Thee and I evermore
Where Silence dances its sacred Dance
In Eternal Action and Eloquence

40. Thus as I pleaded to Thee in fervor
Lovingly did Thou come to my succor
And as fear and bewilderment did rise
When Maya threatened to cloud my eyes

41. Mercifully Thou loosened its terrible grip
And with gentle care did not let me slip
Commanding my birth in Thy votaries lineage
That I may be guided by Thy firm parentage

42. Guiding my sire's footsteps to bring me to You
In my twenty-second year, to hold Thee true
While You revealed my Self free of any vice
Crushing my mind so my heart may realize

43. That Life and Death was your puppet
And I, only a guest at your banquet
That indeed I was never ever born
'Cos everything moves in You as One

44. The sinner and the saved are indeed in You
As are the diseased and healthy too
In You are the prince and the pauper
As are also the judge and the robber

45. The infant and the ancient move as one
In You my Lord! O' Five-faced One
One indeed is the lover and the loved
As are also me and my wife beloved

46. My children and I are but one
As are my parents and I their son
My siblings and I are but one
Playing in innocence for Your fun

47. My friends and my enemies are none
Other than You my Lord! O' Holy One
Thy Feet are my crown, Thy Name on my tongue
Mute is my throat for other praise to be sung

48. And all I had ever given or received as mine
Was already assured long before my time
I was only the instrument in Your eternal game
Were I not there, action would occur all the same

49. And my only free will was either deny or surrender
To Thy Supreme Will that ruled all here and yonder
And that there is no victory to have since
Than to abide as "I" and nothing else hence

50. Knowing that You have given all this as a gift
To enjoy, experience, and share to uplift
That I be the custodian, your trustee
These gifts used for You, this life as a fee

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