14 June 2007

Sri Nannagaru Ashrams

Popular Ashrams to stay at Tiruvannamalai are those of Sri Nannagaru. Sri Nanngaru (a Guru from Jinnuru, Andhra Pradesh) has two Ashrams located on the southside of Arunachala; at which pilgrims, visitors and retreat groups are welcome to stay whenever the Ashrams are available. Sri Nannagaru visits Arunachala around 4 times a year, including his visit during the festival of Deepam (this year, Bharani Deepam, the night of the lighting of the flame on Arunachala falls on November 24th, 2007).

Sri Nannagaru Ashram:

The below photograph is the view of Arunachala from the front gate of Sri Nannagaru Ashram, which is located just off the pradakshina road about 1 1/2 kms east of Ramana Ashram. In this respect Sri Nannagaru Ashram is as close you can get to the area of Ramana Nagar (which is a preferred place because of ashrams and facilities) yet still be in the comparative peace of the countryside.

Sri Nannagaru ashram has 20 modern rooms available (with ensuite Western style bathrooms) for accommodation purposes, a bamboo covered waterproof roof and kitchen on the top floor and a meditation hall. Meal arrangements and motorcycle/bicycle rentals can be made through the manager of the Ashram.

The below is the outside of the Ashram's meditation room (which is always available to visitors)

The next photograph is of the spectacular darshan of Arunachala from the Ashram roof. Sri Nannagaru Ashram is a very popular venue for Retreat Groups (both from overseas and India). In such cases special group requirements can be arranged.

Andhra Ashram, (which has approximately 10 accommodation rooms available) is located in Ramana Nagar about a 2 minutes walk from Ramana Ashram.

It is located on a quiet, leafy street and is perfect for those who want to remain in Ramana Nagar; close to major ashrams and shops.

The below photograph is of the pretty street on which Andhram Ashram is located and which leads up to the main pradakshina road

Rooms at Andhra Ashram are more rustic and although most rooms have ensuite bathrooms, they are of the Indian variety. There is a large meditation room on the Ashram ground floor, that is available to visitors. As in the case of Sri Nannagaru Ashram, rooms at Andhra Ashram are only available at the times the Guru is out-of-station.

If you would like more information about either of these ashrams for either your own purpose or for group/Retreat stays, please get in touch with: arunachalana@fastmail.fm

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Divya said...

Nice to finally see pics of Nannagaru�s Ashrma. It looks quite peaceful and homey!