19 August 2007

Swami meets Quo Vadis

During Sri Nannagaru’s recent visit to Arunachala, he kindly agreed to Quo Vadis' request of a meeting, at which he answered the following questions:

1.Could you explain the core elements in your teachings?

2.How do you think that we can contribute to bring peace and reconciliations between people of different religions?

3.At Quo Vadis we like to help and facilitate people find “the right way” in their life. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that?

4.What is for you the most important teaching of Jesus Christ?

About 15 members of the Quo Vadis Forum met with Sri Nannagaru in his room at his Ashram last week and were grateful for the opportunity to listen to the words of this realised Advaitic Master.

Sri Nannagaru stated that his teachings were all based upon those of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Self Enquiry. Sri Nannagaru hails from Jinnuru, Andhra Pradesh but it was here at Arunachala (after Sri Ramana's samadhi) that Swamiji attained self-realisation.

He stated that the most important parts of Jesus Christ's teachings were his example of tolerance and love and "do unto others as they would do unto you".

Sri Nannagaru also stated that all religions have the same aim; that being the search for Truth. Probably one of the most surprising and controversial statements made by Sri Nannagaru at the meeting, was when he sternly stated that; "90% of educated people are self-centred (i.e. selfish)".

To find out more about this spiritual Master, you can go to his website at here.


divyakka said...

Thanks for the interesting report! Me thinks you were helpful in arranging the meeting?

Arunachala Living said...

I thought it might be interesting if some of the Interfaith Dialogue Center group (who are Protestant) met with Swamiji.

They enjoyed it very much and after the interview followed Sri Nannagaru around Arunachala while he performed pradakshina of the Hill. Very nice afternoon for all. And we ended up the whole affair with some very nice crispy dosas and coffee at the Rama Krishna Hotel.