6 September 2007

Controversial Site

Below is a series of photgraphs I took earlier this week at the three acre controversial building site on Arunachala Hill at Pavala Kunru hillock. The current status of the site is that all work has been halted pending a Court ruling.

Many homes (admittedly most of which were also illegally built some years back) are in jeopardy due to the ashram construction work. There are many houses like the yellow one at the right of the bottom photograph whose occupants have been put into life threatening situations due to possible mud or rock slides.

The Gopurams in the distance in the next photograph are of the Arunachaleswarar Temple at the base of Arunachala.

The last photograph of this sequence is of Pavala Kunru Temple situated at the top of Pavala Kunru hillock, a spur of Arunachala.


Vivek said...

Arunachala is believed to be Lord Shiva himself. I am shocked that people are planning a building on Lord Shiva himself.

Arunachala Living said...

Most of the current housing on Arunachala have been built illegally. It seems like if you have political support anything is possible!