24 March 2008

Sri Nannagaru at Andhra Ashram

Sri Nannagaru arrived at Arunachala on March 15 for an eleven day visit. He generally visits Arunachala three to four times a year, staying from anywhere to one to two weeks a time. You can find out more about this Advaitic Master, at an earlier post here.

Swamiji's primary Arunachala Ashram (Sri Nannagaru Ashram) is about one kilometre west of Ramana Ashram, just off the Chengam Road. While staying there, Sri Nannagaru has been giving darshan in the early mornings and evenings, and as is his general routine, performed girivalam (hillround) one day, visited the homes of some devotees, and also visited Ramana Ashram. He also travelled to Pondicherry one afternoon and returned in the evening of the same day.

In this series of photographs taken this afternoon, Sri Nannagaru is giving darshan at Andhra Ashram (which is his original and smaller Ashram here at Arunachala).

In the above photograph Sri Nannagaru sitting in front of a picture of Sri Ramana Maharshi, who he considers as his Guru, and through whom he attributes his own self realisation.

To find out more about Sri Nannagaru, you can visit his site at this link.

Holy Company, Satsang
“If you do not see the company of holy men, and do not have darshan of great souls, your egoism gets bloated. When we feel thirsty, we can quench it by drinking water. When we feel hungry, we can eat and satisfy our hunger. Similarly, because of our ignorance, we do not have peace.

By satsang (holy company) we can know God and get peace. When the person who speaks does not have clarity, we can conclude that the person doesn’t know anything. When a person is asleep, to wake him up you call him by his name. You need not touch him. He or she wakes up and asks: “Who woke me up?” The sound of your words woke him up. In the same way, when a jnani teaches you, the very sound of his words, one day or the other, takes you to self-realization.

Even if you are not able to have darshan of a jnani, if you cultivate the company of those who have made some spiritual progress, you are bound to be benefited. In this case, you invest a small amount, but you gain a huge profit. If you are performing japa, meditation etc., that is artificial air. Getting the company of an enlightened one, or seekers is like a natural breeze.

Fasting and such things you should do according to your abilities. But in the company of holy people, always be alert, awake. If you cannot remain in the awareness of the Self, cultivate the company of holy people. As a result of the influence of their company, you will reap benefits in the future. Their habits, their words are cooling in their effect. You naturally protect your life extremely carefully, similarly, if you want to free yourself from innate negative tendencies, you should protect your friendship with holy people with the same alertness.”

[Sadhana For Taming The Mind
By Sadguru Sri Nannagaru]

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Divya said...

Very nice colorful pics. I see mostly ladies in the audience, do the men and women not sit separately?