20 June 2009

An Afternoon Darshan

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"There is only one Iswara, the body bound ‘I’ is not the real ‘I’. When you are attracted to Arunachala, (whether you know it or not, Arunachala comes through an unseen connection) – it is a good attachment and helps one live an egoless life. Those who are attracted by Arunachala shall get liberation through Arunachala. It is by Arunachala’s Grace that we are attracted to Him. It is by the Grace of Arunachala, the ego is shattered and destroyed."
[Sri Nannagaru]

Arunachala from Sri Nannagaru Ashram

A visiting Swami

Sri Nannagaru taking Arunachala darshan

Sri Nannagaru giving darshan to devotees

"There is no parallel to the Grace of the Guru. Although the external Guru is not real in the true sense of the term, yet, He is essential. It is He who turns your mind inwards, and enables you to realize your true nature. He protects you. Publicity does not confer Guruhood nor does external show earmark one as a Guru. He, whose words penetrate into your Heart alone, can be deemed as Guru. You can discharge any kind of debt but the debt you owe to your Guru."
[Sri Nannagaru]


ArunachalaHeart said...

When I met Sri Nannagaru in Hyd, I said to him " I consider you as God."

He looked at me and said "That one emoion is enough."

Salutations to him.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Because Sri Nannagaru is so subtle and quiet, its sometimes easy for people to underestimate him. From my own experience the more time I spend with him, the more in awe I become - and I've been his devotee for 15 years!

ArunachalaHeart said...


It is easy to earmark swamis and rishis by their attire.

Sri Nannagaru is elusive to one's perception by His simpleness.