6 November 2009

Arunachala Retreat March 2010

Below is information from Padma and Torsten about their upcoming Arunachala Retreat to be held March 2010. The venue for the Retreat is Sri Nannagaru Ashram and below is a photograph of a previous year's Retreat taken on the roof of that Ashram. Language is not an impediment as most members of the group are multi-lingual.

I have included a link below to Padma and Torsten's website, at which place you can find information about their March 2010, Arunachala Retreat Programme:-

'From February 27th till March 14th 2010 Torsten and Padma will hold a retreat at Sri Nannagaru Ashram. They offer self-inquiry in the tradition of Sri Ramana Maharshi and in the lineage of Sri Poonjaji, Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear. The focus of this retreat will be to make Sri Ramana Maharshi’s profound self-inquiry and the silent power of Arunachala accessible to participants. The group will visit different abodes of Sri Ramana Maharshi on the mountain for silent meditation. Besides Torsten and Padma offer daily Satsang-meetings on the roof-terrace of Sri Nannagaru Ashram.

In their dialogues with participants they support spiritual seekers through traditional as well as modern approaches of self-inquiry to awaken to the inner freedom of our true nature and ground ourselves in that. To that end they also make their experience in Enneagram-work, Buddhist meditation, transpersonal psychology and other approaches available. The main transmission, however, consists in the message of Sri Ramana Maharshi: We already are the formless, silent Awareness before, during and after all transient appearances. When we rediscover that, our limited sense of I dissolves and the natural bliss of our true nature shines forth.

A previous year Retreat on roof of
Sri Nannagaru Ashram

In Torsten’s and Padma’s transmission, special emphasis is given to the direct experience of whatever may arise. In that they point to the fact that especially in directly experiencing uncomfortable emotions like anger, fear or despair there is a potential for an ever deepening awakening: When we don’t deny these experiences, nor react to them with old beliefs and strategies, true and consistent peace reveals itself to us.

Padma and Torsten

Here are some reports from participants of earlier Arunachala-Retreats with Torsten and Padma:

Andreas: “Just sitting at the roof top of the Ashram, looking at the Arunachala day or night is such a grace. In addition it was such a gift to be in a group with Padma and Torsten. The Sri Nannagaru Ashram is a perfect place for a Retreat as it is located a bit aside but just a short walk or rickshaw-drive to Ramana Maharshi Ashram.“

Volker: “This whole journey with Torsten and Padma has been a great gift for me and I am very grateful. These special places and all these possibilities that they have experienced and selected beforehand – and this ground of Satsang carrying through this whole journey and group – wonderful! The best way to get to know India. To experience this country and these people in this way has touched me very much. Thank you – thank you – thank you – also for this intensive inner journey. I am very happy with it.”

Inge: “Today a sentence kept arising in me: “the work is done“. Heaven and earth have slowly grown towards each other during the decades of this life. They have touched in India, especially felt in the transition from transcendence in silent sitting to activity. As there was no more transition, no here or there, no line of separation, no farewell or hello. A subtle yet so powerful experience.”'

More information about the upcoming retreat at this link here.

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