12 April 2011

Arunachala Pujas

In response to requests from readers interested in arranging pujas to be performed on their behalf at various private Arunachala Temples, I can now refer you to my new Blog, Arunachala Mystic for photographs of previous private pujas. And invite you to get in touch at the ‘Contact Me’ facility on that Blog for more specific information.

Arunachala Mystic is dedicated to sharing information about the spiritual, esoteric and mystical side of Arunachala; premier Shiva site in all India. As well as giving readers the opportunity to arrange pujas and rituals at various private Arunachala Temples and Shrines, Arunachala Mystic will also give information about more mystical and esoteric aspects of Arunachala. In this respect readers are invited to participate by sharing their own experiences of Arunachala.

The Arunchaleswarar Temple, Adiannamalai Temple, Arunachala Ashta Lingams and many other Temples and Shrines throughout Tiruvannamalai are under the general control of the administration of The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the Tamil Nadu Government. For this reason devotees must go direct to the specific Temple controlled by the Department in order to arrange a puja.

Check this contact link to get in touch with Arunachaleswarar Temple regarding pujas. However as their website is not up-to-date I will shortly list details on Arunachala Mystic of specific pujas currently available at the Big Temple.


Kumar said...

Thanks for this great service of arranging pujas at private Temples. I had a puja performed many years ago at Arunagirinathar Temple at Ayyankulam Tank, near the
Big Temple and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Meenakshi for all the information. May Arunachaleswarar bless you always