3 January 2016

Mookupodi Swamigal Location

Many readers eager to contact Mookupodi Swami, have contacted Arunachala Grace asking where they can find him and take darshan. This posting is to help you locate Swamigal. 

He is usually at the Navagraha Shrine in the early mornings, and if he goes to other places, he will generally return there. The Shrine is located near the well-known Unnamulai Amman Temple about 3 kms on the Girivalam Roadway after it forks off from the NH66.

Unnamulai Temple, Arunachala Girivalam Roadway
Navagraha Shrine


Meenakshi Ammal said...

As you didn't give your email address, am replying to your query via thie comment function.

I have no idea regarding the current situation between Mookupodi Swamigal and Ramana Ashram.

Spiritual people spend their time reading about the miracles of great saints and then when they come across eccentricity, immediately criticise.

In this respect our own Seshadri Swami behaved constantly like a madman throughout his life. Sometimes he would strip naked, climb a tree and throw fruits and leaves at a particular person. Legend has it that the person would immediately pick up what was thrown, and treat it as prasad.

In the case of Mookupodi Swami I have personally seen many people offer things to him, which he would refuse and walk away. Conversely I have seen Swamiji approach someone and demand an offering. The same sort of behaviour was reported as leelas in the life of Paramhamsa Ramakrishna and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

I have taken darshan of Mookupdi Swami on many occasions. He has great power. My attitude towards him is based upon my own experience and not on stories of what may have happened somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why, I have a gut feeling that MPS is re-incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, I am so eager to meet him. My eyes well up thinking of him. I just one blessing from him, and I know my worries and problem wil be gone... But I dont know when my turn will come to visit him. My husband has promised to take me to thiruvannamalai to see him, but I dont know when he will set up his mind...

I hope MPS is reading this blog and understand my mind and give me darshan soon. I have never ever waited and longed for anything so desperately..

please BABA give me your darshan. and bless me.