17 April 2011

Ramana Ashram New Library

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Work on two major ashram building projects have recently commenced. One project is the renovation of the Morvi Guest House compound, and to read my recent posting check out this link here.

The other major Ramana Ashram project is the construction of a new Ramana Ashram library or, as it is now titled, Sri Ramana Granthalaya, which is being constructed between the dining hall and the back wall adjacent to the lower slopes of Arunachala.

On my recent visit to the Ashram on my way to check out the current state of construction of the new library, I observed several beautiful Langur monkeys. Until a couple of years ago this quiet, reclusive monkey was more generally viewed on the south east slope of the Hill, most particularly in the areas around Coral Hill and Pachaiamman Temple.

But now due to human influence and lack of habitat due to construction in their once favoured areas, many Langurs have moved into the Ramana Nagar area and can be easily spotted around Ramana Ashram.

Langur Monkey

Thus far the Langur and more commonly seen Bonnet Macaque monkey seem to be adjusting to sharing a common space. To see more of the Bonnet Macaque view links here and here.

Bonnet Macaque Monkey

As well as viewing lots of monkeys on my recent visit to the Ashram, also noticed the ubiquitous peacock on the Ashram grounds. Links here and here.


Noticed that for security purposes the back wall of the Ashram has been significantly raised.

The below photograph is looking towards the main forecourt of the Ashram with my back to the new construction.

A Ramana Ashram Bulletin explains the renovation of the Morvi Guest House thus:

“It will play an important role in enhancing the spiritual learning in the ashram with its multifunctional space. The ashram intends to utilise the space for the propagation of Bhagavan’s teachings, meditation and a concert space for various cultural activities.

The Granthalaya is designed with a large water court that will promote a feeling of calmness. It unfolds into a circular court flanked by a free flowing space and an open-to-sky courtyard that can be used as a multifunctional arena. There is a peripheral ramp surrounding the building suitable for both the young and the elderly that leads to the first floor facilities of the library.

At the upper level, there is the large radially organized library space with sky lights that houses some 20,000 volumes of books. The glass dome, an oculus atop the central court brings in ample diffused natural light for reading which conserve energy. The Granthalaya works out to be 2000 sq. ft. in area along with an office space. The scheduled date for completion of the Granthalaya is on the 15th December, 2011.”

my own opinion is I really like the current Ramana Ashram Library and that . . . a glass dome on upper floor sounds HOT . . .

The last photograph of this series is looking towards Arunachala from the main forecourt of the Ashram, in front of the offices. The new library will be located in front of the trees at the back of the photograph.


Anonymous said...

For sure, a glass dome will make it very hot in Tiruvannamalai but will be able to see the the mountain from inside as in the old library?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

It all sounds fancy and uninviting -- a little Bangalore precious -- the architectures actually are from Bangalore. Such a pity as most folk really like the current more rustic Library, and the darshan of Arunachala is amazing.

Will update with new photographs after a while. Completion date is set for December 2011.

Anonymous said...

My wife likes the way the animals pose for you. They must like you, she thinks. Ha! Ha!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

When your wife said that animals must like me as they seem to pose for me, she couldn't have said anything that I would appreciate more . . . as I LOVE ANIMALS.

However do have a little history with some of the animals I write about -- specially Rukku The Temple Elephant. When I visit always make sure to bring along special eatables for her. Now do you suppose that's why she is pleased to see me!?!

Anonymous said...

Elephants have good memory!

Anonymous said...

What do you take the elephant and the cows? The ones in Jersey love chocolates.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Don't know about the cows loving chocolates -- but I sure love them. Yummy.

Rukku the elephant likes vegetables -- and at different times I've taken cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower. Think it must get so boring for her to always be getting bananas.

But one of her very favourite food is Ragi Balls -- which just goes to prove that she is truly an Indian gal.

As to the cows I find that they relish watermelon.

ponmoorthy said...


meenakshi ammal