27 June 2007

Hail to thee! Part 5

Verses 1-9 inc
Verses 10-20 inc
Verses 21-31 inc
Verses 32-50 inc

51. Revealed have Thou the nature of Maya
As naught but the surf of Thy Leela
When all action is but Thy movement
Where is room for my achievement?

52. Oh! Glorious indeed is this infinite freedom
Neither sunset nor sunrise in this kingdom
Gone the incessant drumbeat of the worldly race
Vanish'd as the morning mist before Thy Face

53. When even Death is at Thy Feet abiding
Why need I worry about the morning?
Fearless do I stride amidst men with bowed crown
Favoring none with fawning smile or scowling frown

54. All lifetimes are now dreams for me
Stretching ever onwards to infinity
Truly there is neither bondage nor liberation
The thought of either is fevered delusion

55. No world, no galaxy, nor heaven nor hell
Nothing save "I" exists with none other to tell
And in this glorious silence of unitary existence
Occurs eternal cycles of creation and destruction

56. Springing forth eternally as dream thoughts within Me
Where satisfaction and frustration are but dreams to see
Can I sport in aught else, having tasted the Bliss of My Self?
Who bathes in foam when spring waters pour off the shelf?

57. Gone the doubts of petty existence
Who is there for their persistence?
Neither are these thoughts denied
Who remains for them to be belied?

58. Let them stand or fall on their own accord
Attention to them I can no more afford
I did'nt call them forth so sustain 'em I can't
Let the power that birth'd 'em meet their want

59. Indeed in this state divine powers do accrue
But none remains to wield 'em, that is true
Gone forever is the fantasy of omnipotence
As also the dark nightmare of impotence

60. Gone the prayer as well as the supplicant
Consumed by a matted hair mendicant
No blazing light here nor darkness of ignorance
Nothing save Consciousness's Blissful Existence

61. Still dream creation needs action to fulfill
So this dream body is moved by Thy Will
While I remain as "I" and this as this
Silent I AM, none to claim as his.

62. Paltry indeed is the common tongue of duality
That speaks of MY state in terms of plurality
Indeed no word can exist when all is One
Nothing but Silence indeed is MY tongue

63. Undifferentiated and pristine I remain supreme
But to say even this is verily to blaspheme
Who is there to describe MY condition
Where redemption exists not nor any perdition

64. Unbound by good and evil do I freely roam
Neither fortune nor calamity shakes my bones
No auspicious date or time for me exist
Indeed in Me does all creation persist

65. All duties, roles and action are as play to me
Unfettered by their results I now walk free
Intoxicated by Bliss, in Thee do I drunkenly roam
To passersby, the lights are on but nobody's home

67. If duality has to be assumed for creation perchance
Then let it be said that this is Thy Cosmic dance
Where creation, expansion and dissolution
Cycle endlessly in harmonious perpetuation

68. Galaxies arise spontaneously from the Self
Shooting like spray from a rocky shelf
Untouched by all action is this Consciousness
As the ocean beneath the cyclone's viciousness

69. No slothful slumber of blankness is My state
Though outwardly I may assume that fate
Vibrant in incessant action I do remain
Eternally moving in Stillness all the same

70. Simple indeed is the path to Thee
No effort needed to simply Be
Indeed that is where I always am
To believe otherwise is delusion's span

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balasubramanian said...

great indeed, thanks