14 July 2007

Hail to Thee! Part 6

71. But to those enamored of complex stratagems
Let them hear and practice these eternal gems
As lived and instructed by Thee, Guru Ramana
So all may be free from the burden of their vasana

72. Sitting in any posture of personal comfort
Practice diligently with single-minded effort
Watch the tides of thy breath as they rise and fall
And soon the mind will be held in its thrall

73. And as each thought, image and sound
Rushes forth to parade around
Ask who it is that watches
And know I as the witness

74. Watching thus the witness until you're adept
Then realization dawns that this too is a concept
Verily a thief 'tis in policeman's garb
Moving in circles to outwit the mob

75. Discard even the watcher, and now remain
Silent and Still as "I", your eternal domain
Fleeting as quicksilver on a metal plate
Will the first glimpses be of this State

76. Be not seduced by visions mighty and grand
Or even hope for them as marks of your stand
Why would you limit the Self to blazes of light
When that which you seek lies beyond sight

77. No milestone exists nor compass to navigate
No yardstick of duality to fathom this state
Discard all methods of the intellect and seize thy fate
Know Being by Experience direct, as thy eternal state

78. Like wafting fragrance of the night's jasmine
Effort on this path shall permeate your being
Until meditation proceeds as the undercurrent
Of activity regardless the distracting moment

79. Be unperturbed by the passage of time
Time is memory and no concern of thine
When all creation stands on the "I" thought
Past, present and future are empty as nought

80. If any disciplinary aid should thou seek
Discard the consumption of animal meat
Food is the fuel and substance of the mind
This discipline is a useful one thou wilt find

81. The doing of kriya's and karma's thine
Chanting of mantra's and songs divine
As crutches they are to the limping lame
These acts do focus the mental frame

82. Each in its own time has its rightful place
As sequential steps in the spirit's pace
Neither greater nor lesser are they behold
Each seeker's need do they uniquely mold

83. But stay not thou in kindergarten forever
Since indeed bidden art thou to rise yonder
'Cos action's power can only yield fruits
But never the insight that severs the roots

84. And what be the fruit of action?
Except the seed of more action
Commanding the birth of future lives
Busy as bees attending their hives

85. The joy you get from all worldly actions
Arises from the Self as a blissful reaction
On subsidence of the performing entities
Letting you taste Being free of identities

86. Confuse not source of the Bliss so obtained
With all the preceding actions that reigned
As a wind-blown tree, that fell as the crow alighted
By fools believed, as by the bird's weight blighted

87. Begin not the pursuit of happiness thru' action
Like wounding oneself for the relief of a lotion
Be not a dog chewing bones, bleached in the sun
And reveling in the taste of its own bleeding gum

88. But action performed sans attachment
Has no capacity to shackle thy raiment
Indeed doership is bondage's essence
It’s absence is liberation's presence

89. Surrendering all actions to God as an offering
In one stroke wilt thou put an end to suffering
When all actions are but the Lord's domain
Thine is blessed freedom in that which remains

90. As passengers on a train are we all
With loads of karma in our carry-all
Imbeciles groan with loads on their head
As the train with loaded rider rolls ahead

91. The wise one, with luggage at his feet
And the burdened cretin, in his seat
Indeed the same destination do they reach
But their attitude decides the fate of each

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